We require a Restoration Project Manager – Calgary

The role of a Project Manager will vary from managing projects (including managing clients and contractors), to mentoring and leading members of the Engineering team. In general, the Project Manager will work alongside Project Associates and Principals.

The following sections summarize typical responsibilities of a Restoration Project Manager.



  • Have a positive, supportive, compassionate, and empathetic attitude
  • Have a strong work ethic
  • Be a team leader, through leading by being a positive example
  • Take ownership and responsibility for your work
  • Bring solutions to the team and guide other team members
  • Be client-centric (the business is built on providing engineering services at a much higher level of client interaction and commitment than the industry standard; the goal, which is the responsibility of every team member, is not just to meet the client’s expectations, but to exceed their expectations in every way)


  • Promote a positive reputation for the company through positive and professional interaction with clients, contractors, suppliers, etc.
  • Have a thorough understanding of all the services we provide, to be supportive of client requests and in order to help us pursue new work opportunities
  • Attend professional and non-professional networking events to maintain and grow our industry reputation with clients, contractors, suppliers, and potential new hires


  • Take initiative to further company’s industry-related knowledge through:
  • Learning and being up to date on applicable standards and building codes
  • Researching new products and technologies
  • Capturing information to further develop our cost data base, technical specifications, typical drawings, or other master documents
  • Staying up-to-date with market conditions, including significant changes that would affect clients, contractors, suppliers, other engineering firms, etc.
  • Attending industry-related seminars, workshops, and presentations
  • Share project experiences and lessons learned with the engineering team
  • Share industry information with the team (e.g., information about other engineering firms, clients, contractors, suppliers, and products)



  • Provide accurate, reliable, and timely information to the team
  • Communicate in a concise, organized, and courteous manner
  • Manage timelines and workloads of team members, including allocating resources as needed to prioritize deliverables
  • Be responsible for the schedule of deliverables and keeping clients updated on projects
  • Monitor project budgets and adjust company’s fees or level/frequency of services where applicable
  • Prepare and manage project invoices, purchase orders, or other related billings


  • Identify and evaluate client needs (what is the problem, what is the client expecting as an outcome and why?)
  • Develop a proposed scope of work (how can we solve the problem?)
  • Develop a proposed fee and timing for the work


  • Review available documents (past engineering reports, building drawings, etc.; when possibly critiquing an external Engineer’s written work, we shall advise the Engineer of our undertaking as a respectful courtesy)
  • Manage the client’s expectations for our site visit and notify the client of any destructive investigation/special access that they should be aware
  • Carry out site investigations/reviews
  • Prepare and/or review investigation and evaluation reports


  • Keep the client updated on the design progress
  • Discuss with the client any design aspects that require client feedback or approval
  • Prepare and/or review written scopes of work, outlining key aspects of the project
  • Prepare and/or review technical specifications for accepted materials and execution of the work
  • Prepare and/or review design drawings and details


  • Confirm contractor interest and availability to bid on projects
  • Schedule and attend bidders meeting to introduce the project scope to the contractors
  • Prepare and/or review addenda when required to clarify the project scope or to make amendments to the bid package
  • Evaluate and summarize contractor bids
  • Prepare recommendations on overall project scopes and budgets, based on the bids received

Construction Review

  • Manage the frequency and timing of company’s site review for construction projects
  • Prepare and/or review site visit reports to distribute to the contractor and client
  • Provide and/or review additional direction to the contractor to address issues that may come up during construction
  • Discuss timing of mock-ups, site testing, or other key stages of site review with the contractor, to make sure the contractor understands companies expectations

Administration for Construction Projects

  • Prepare and/or review contracts between the contractor and owner
  • Promptly review contractor invoices and certify the amounts to be paid by the owner (certifications shall be submitted adhering to (or exceeding) time restriction requirements)
  • Prepare and/or review change orders
  • Promptly prepare and/or review certifications of completion

Management for Construction Projects

  • Chair regular construction site meetings with the contractor and owner
  • Provide and/or review regular project updates to the owner
  • Monitor construction budgets and schedules, and work closely with the contractor and owner to manage budget or schedule changes
Contract Info / Information sur le contrat
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  • Open Positions / Postes Ouverts: 1
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