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Fuze HR Solutions is a proud Employer Partner with the Canadian Center for Diversity & Inclusion.

What is Diversity and Inclusion?​

There are many definitions and descriptions when it comes to the words used for diversity and inclusion. However, at Fuze HR Solutions, we have adopted the following definition: Diversity and Inclusion is the understanding that within an organization, the most valuable asset is their people. The principal factor that diversity and inclusion stresses is that each person is unique and is capable of bringing unique contributions, based on their personal and professional characteristics, to the workplace.

What is Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace?

In today’s workforce, diversity means more than ethnicity and gender. It has taken on new life, as there is a growing importance placed on creating environments where these “obvious” differentiators are not the only indicators of diversity and inclusion. It has become important to create environments where all people are encouraged to draw upon their unique experiences, perspectives and backgrounds to advance business goals.

Diversity in the workplace today can include some of the following:

What is Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment?

Inclusive recruitment involves the process of connection with, interviewing and hiring diverse candidates. For the most part, this is accomplished by expanding our search and thinking outside the traditional methods of candidate sourcing, as well as identifying common forms of unconscious biases that may occur in recruitment and education on how to avoid them.

Why is Training in Diversity and Inclusion Important?

Diversity training helps employees understand how cultural differences can impact how people interact with each other at work. It can cover anything from concepts of time and communication styles to self-identity and dealing with or resolving conflict.


At Fuze HR, our approach to diversity and inclusion can be felt throughout every level of the organization.
We invite you to read an open letter from our president.


Learn more about our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy by reading our plan for 2022 !

Our practice of diversity and inclusion

At Fuze HR, we believe in transparency. That is why we can openly discuss the Diversity and Inclusion practices we have in place:

It’s one thing to promote diversity and inclusion, it’s another thing entirely to practice it.

  • The appoint of a Chief Equality Officer, who oversees our diversity and inclusion programs.
  • The creation of a Diversity Leadership Council, who implements our programs and plans.
  • Various courses and certifications that are mandatory for our staff to take and update on a regular basis.
  • Constantly strengthening and adapting our anti-discriminatory policies.
    Accepting and honouring multiple religious and cultural celebrations and practices.
  • A tailor-made program that integrates our diversity and inclusion strategies to recruit, develop and retain diverse candidates, track performance and perform leadership assessments.

Some Statistics on Fuze HR:

  • Members of the Canadian Center of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Members of the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
  • Members of The Canadian Ethnic Studies Association
  • All employees have completed Diversity & Inclusion trainings
0 +

different ethnic backgrounds

0 +

different languages

0 %

speak 3+ languages

0 %

speak 2+ languages

Female dominant business
Female 66%
Male 33%

Our practice of diversity and inclusion

  • Seek Diversity: We pull applicants from a diverse pool using the best techniques. Our Best Practices in Recruitment Guide educates our recruiters on how to make our process as inclusive as possible. We also organize reading material, webinars and other sources of information for our recruiters to discuss diversity and inclusion.
  • Create Inclusion: We not only hire a diverse workforce, but we leverage our diverse workforces’ perspectives, experience and talents to benefit our business as a whole.
  • Remain Accountable: As leaders in diversity and inclusion, we make it clear that our environment is one of open and free speaking. Our employees feel comfortable enough to speak out if they witness or experience any biases in the workplace. Our Diversity Leadership Council is responsible for meeting and discussing the concerns, topics, and ideas brought to their attention by various team members.


This year, we turn our focus to the Indigenous communities, and increasing their engagement in the Canadian workforce. We recognize that relationship building with Indigenous communities will take time and is based on trust and common values. As such, our first step for 2022 will be to ensure that all Fuze HR employees have an in-depth understanding of Indigenous communities, their culture, history, and values.

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