Senior Mechanical Engineer

The role of a Senior Mechanical Engineer will vary from reviewing mechanical aspects of buildings as part of our Property Condition Assessments to managing mechanical projects (including managing clients and contractors), to mentoring and leading members of the team. As a Mechanical Lead, you would manage mechanical engineering services on behalf of company in the GTA, Alberta and BC. You would be responsible for reviewing, designing, maintaining, and/or improving the mechanical systems in existing buildings. This would include the heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), domestic water supply and plumbing.

Required Experience


  • Identify and evaluate client needs (what is the problem, what is the client expecting as an outcome and why?)


  • Review available documents (past engineering reports, building drawings, etc.; when possibly critiquing an external Engineer’s written work, we shall advise the Engineer of our undertaking as a respectful courtesy)


  • Discuss with the client any design aspects that require client feedback or approval
  • Prepare and/or review written scopes of work, outlining key aspects of the project


  • Confirm contractor interest and availability to bid on projects
  • Schedule and attend bidders meeting to introduce the project scope to the contractors
  • Prepare and/or review addenda when required to clarify the project scope or to make amendments to the bid package

Construction Review

  • Provide and/or review additional direction to the contractor to address issues that may come up during construction

Project Management for Construction Projects

  • Chair regular construction site meetings with the contractor and owner
  • Provide and/or review regular project updates to the owner
  • Monitor construction budgets and schedules, and work closely with the contractor and owner to manage budget or schedule changes

Reserve Fund Studies/Property Condition Assessments/Building Condition Assessments

  • Review available documents (past engineering reports, building drawings, contractor quotes/service reports, monthly and year-end financial statements, etc.)
  • Prepare depreciation/property condition assessment/building condition assessment reports
    • Description of common assets
    • Present condition and recommendations
    • Condition
    • Scope of repairs
    • Opinion of costs (quantity take-offs and budgeting)
    • Timing of repairs

15 Month and 2, 5, and 10 Year Performance Audits

  • Review available documents (warranty certificates, past engineering reports, building drawings/specifications, maintenance and operations manuals, contractor service reports, etc.

PEng required

Contract Info / Information sur le contrat
  • Job ID / No. du Poste: 34723
  • Open Positions / Postes Ouverts: 1
Job Overview

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