Fuze Mental Health

As a business that connects people with one of the important aspects of their life, which is their careers, it just makes sense to contribute to the conversation. Specifically about Mental Health in the Workplace.

For a long time, Mental Health was a topic that wasn’t talked about often until recent years. For Fuze, Mental Health is one of the top social topics that are very important because mental health can have a ripple effect on many things in an individual’s life.

What is Mental Health in the Workplace?

Most Canadians and Americans spend most of their waking hours at work. A workplace plays an essential role to maintain positive mental health. It is a place that can give a sense of productivity and accomplishment. Or it can also be a stressful environment that can play into one’s mental health and other illnesses.

Since people spend a big portion of their time at the workplace, as an employer or a business in the Human Resources industry, it is our place to provide the relevant tools to our employees and set an example to other businesses.

By contributing to this conversation, we hope to impact people’s lives and mental health positively, so we can do our part to improve the society we live in.

About 30 percent of short- and long-term disability claims in Canada are attributed to mental health problems and illnesses. The total cost of mental health problems to the Canadian economy exceeds $50 billion annually. In 2011, mental health problems and illnesses among working adults in Canada cost employers more than $6 billion in lost productivity from absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover.

Mental Health Commission

Why is Mental Health so important to Fuze HR Solutions?

As an employer and Human resources business, we want to set a good example for others and take responsibility to make the workplace better.

And as a contributor to the employment industry, it is the right thing to do for the Mental Health cause.

Our practices for Mental Health at Fuze HR for our employees

We have to educate our employees on Mental Health. We want to approach this topic and education in a positive way to make one’s life better and of course, give back to the community.

We believe that to engage our community, starting a meaningful conversation that our employees can most relate to and giving with simple and effective tools are great learning experiences for everyone.

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