Our Candidate Process

What is our process? Here at Fuze we recruit for many different types of positions; whether it be temporary, permanent or a contract across a variety of industries, the process will still be the same. Our goal is to find a job for you that will either be the contract you need right now to pay your bills or a long-term permanent position that is exactly what you need and what you are looking for to have long-term success and personal fulfillment in your role at work.

The process

Step 1 - Source
Step 2 - Interview
Step 3 - Present
Step 4 - Feedback

1. Source

Our clients hire us to work as a third party in their recruitment, and we source all of the best talent to be able to present them with the ideal candidates for their positions based on skill and overall “fit”. We post jobs on our job board and then begin to look for the top talent on the market via numerous headhunting and networking techniques!

2. Interview

We call our existing candidates that we have within our database that we feel would be a good fit for our clients’ needs along with all new applicants and plan a face to face interview to meet everyone and discuss the opportunity. Our interviews are not interrogative, but open discussions where we can learn about who you are, your work history and what you are looking for in your future career. This will help us to determine if you could be a good fit for our client, and the position we are hiring for, whether that be a contract, temporary or permanent work.

Candidate process, sourcing and interview

3. Present

Based on the interview, if we see that you are a good fit for the position we are recruiting for, we will send your profile forward to the client and along with a written presentation of you, mentioning your work experience, your skills, and why we feel you could be a good fit for the position.

From there, the client will get back to us with interview times should they feel the same way (based on your experience and your qualifications that we share with them) and from there we will work as an intermediary between you and the client. We will coordinate the interview times and all steps within the process. We will work as your support system throughout your interviews and remain transparent throughout the process. We always ask you do the same because we strongly believe in maintaining effective recruiter-candidate relationships.

4. Feedback

If it works out for you and the client, GREAT! Our job here is done. The client will compensate us for recruiting and placing you. We hope to keep a long-term relationship with you after you start your new job. Who knows? Perhaps one day you will be a client looking to hire a team with us!

If it doesn’t work out between you and the client, that’s okay! It does not mean your job search should be over, it just means you have not yet found that company that is the correct match for you. Keep in mind that feedback is the best way for someone to learn and practice makes perfect. If you were professional and transparent with your recruiter, they will continue searching for future positions for you until something comes up.

Your life. Your career. Your Journey.

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