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Reimagining the process of part-time job, find your next part-time job quicker and easier. Be the boss of your time and you get to choose the work that suits your skills, preference and location in a few taps.

How does it work?

The Fuze 24/7 app connects employers with job seekers across the city, making staffing quick and easy. With Fuze HR Solutions, employers can rely on us to manage everything from timesheets to payroll and deductions, ensuring smooth operations. We handle the details, so everyone can focus on their work. Here it how it works for job seekers for the first-time:

Exclusive invitation

If you are already in our database, a recruiter will send you an invitation to our App platform to create a profile in our system. **

Get started with the 24/7 app

Complete your profile by following the email, a recruiter will send you a link to have login access to our Fuze 24/7 app.

Browse and start assignment

Start browsing available shifts based on your preferences and skills. Recruiters can also notify you if they find a perfect match.

Get paid in 48 hours

Done with your assignment? The manager or employer will verify your hours and you'll get paid in the next 48 hours.

** If it’s your first time joining us, you can download our app and wait for a recruiter to contact you to start the process

Sign up for Free -
Send us a message and we will set you up!

Sign up for Free -
Send us a message and we will set you up!

Introducing the Fuze 24/7 App

Your Gateway to Flexible Employment in one tap

FAQ for the Fuze 24/7 app

Fuze 24/7 app is a gig economy app that allows the candidate to choose their next work shift whenever they want. This app helps to break the traditional staffing process. Gig seekers can log in easily, at any time of the day, and secure their next job depending on their availabilities, preferences and skills.

You can be you 

You will get paid in 48 jours after completing your shift. Your shift hours must be verified by the managers.

The process is pretty simple with Fuze 24/7 app:

If you already have a profile with us:

  1. A recruiter will call you and have a conversation if you are interested in joining the app. If you do, great! The recruiter will send you an exclusive invitation email to a platflorm, follow all the instructions and upload the right documents.
  2. Once your profile is completed, the recruiter will review and send you the official link to download the app and login information.
  3. and welcome! you are now able to start browsing, taking shifts and receiving notification when there’s match.

If you don’t have a profile with us:

  1. Download the app
  2. A recruiter will contact you during business hours to setup your profile.

Fuze 24/7 app is catered to people looking for day labor, and part-time and gig jobs. Our jobs are available in all types of industries. Just to name a few:

  • Industrial
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Restauration
  • and more!

Employers all over Canada do have access to the app 24/7. Jobs are added throughout the day whenever an employer needs more labor!

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