Environment and Sustainability

“Reducing Our Environmental Impact”

Our Vision

At Fuze HR, we understand the important role we play in protecting and improving the natural environment. The workplace is an area where some of these improvements can take place. As such, our Environment and Sustainable Development Policy for 2022 reflects our working environment and is in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We strive to continuously improve the impact of our business, on our planet.

Being greener at work helps cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduces the negative environmental impact of our work."

Our Approach

Our approach to the Environment and Sustainability is guided by our commitments to the following principles: leadership, inclusivity, transparency, integrity, and continuous improvement. 

Our Plan

Our Environment and Sustainability Policy focuses on the SDG’s relevant to our industry, SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production and SDG 13 Climate Action. 

The Workplace Environment Committee

Fuze HR Solutions has created the Workplace Environment Committee to deal with environmental issues in our workplace. Their primary goal is to look at ways to improve the environmental record our workplace.

Our Initiatives

How Does it Work?

When they meet yearly, the Workplace Environment committee identifies areas at work that need fixing. Area’s they have explored include but are not limited to: 

At Fuze HR Solutions, our Workplace Environment Committee performs yearly audits using the CUPE ECO AUDIT. 

Fuze HR Solutions Recycling Program 

Our Recycling Program is administered by a third-party company, who collect and distribute our recyclables to the appropriate facilities and locations. 

Organizations We Belong To: 

RCEN – Canadian Environmental Network 

We invite you to read an open letter from our president. Click here!

Download our 2022 Environment and Sustainability Policy!

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