Staffing efficiently and hassle free.

Fuze 24/7, our new day labour app, that streamlines on-demand staffing for employers by seamlessly connecting them with a diverse pool of skilled individuals ready to work. Our AI technology platform ensures efficient shift filling, streamlining the staffing process and allowing businesses to meet their staffing needs promptly and effectively. With access to real-time reports, employers can make informed decisions and stay on top of their workforce management.

We understand the challenges of managing staff and filling last minute shifts, which is why our app offers immediate solutions.

Experience the relief of enhanced visibility, optimized staffing, and improved accountability—all in the palm of your hand or desktop. Eliminate the stress of last-minute staffing with our efficient day labor app. With Fuze 24/7, you’re connected with a diverse pool ready-to-work individuals and AI based technology to sort through profiles that matches the criteria of your job automatically.

Admin access to view everything about your workforce.

Employers and managers will have access to details on the platform to view all necessary data for their workforce management and to make informed decisions for their workforce.

Real-time schedule of your team

Managers and employers get to see who is:

Which managers and employers can benefit to optimize staffing, improve accountability of employees to show up to their shifts, enhance communications with staff members through the app, and more!

Traditional timesheets are checked out!

Just with one signature, and no more timesheet management

This app revolutionizes traditional timesheets by simplifying the process for managers. With workers clocking in and out digitally, managers only need to sign off on shifts as employees arrive and depart, eliminating the need for manual tracking and paperwork.

Benefits of Fuze 24/7 App

How does it work?

The Fuze 24/7 app connects employers with job seekers across the city, making staffing quick and easy. With Fuze HR Solutions, employers can rely on us to manage everything from timesheets to payroll and deductions, ensuring smooth operations. We handle the details, so everyone can focus on their work.

Job application

Candidates who are vetted by our recruiters will be invited to the app. They can start browsing available jobs based on their preferences and skills.

Get matched

Employers can see the candidates profile match rate. Our built-in AI will rate the candidate's profile based on their skill set, geofencing and preferences.

Accept labourer

Candidate sends in their interest for your shift and you accept their applications.

We pay

Employer only need to validate the end of the worker's shift by signing their assignment in their Fuze 24/7 app. Fuze HR will pay in 48 hours after their shift.

Interested in streamlining your staffing process?

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FAQ for the Fuze 24/7 app

Fuze 24/7 app is a gig economy app that allows the candidate to choose their next work shift whenever they want. This app helps to break the traditional staffing process. Labour job seekers can log in easily, at any time of the day, and secure their next job depending on their availabilities, preferences and skills.

The employers will have admin access to the app portal on mobile and desktop. The portal gives insightful data on their staffing management. 

Fuze 24/7 caters to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to industrial, logistics, hospitality, food service, retail, and construction. Whether you need temporary labor for a warehouse, restaurant, or event, Fuze 24/7 can help.

There’s no upfront cost. You will get charged whenever a worker works for your company after hours are being approved.

Fuze 24/7 streamlines the payment process by allowing employers to approve timesheets and process payments directly through the app. Payments are typically made within 48 hours of completing a shift, ensuring that workers are compensated promptly and accurately.

Yes, Fuze 24/7 is an ideal solution for managing day labor shifts and short-term projects. Employers can easily post shifts, communicate with workers, and track hours worked—all within the app. This flexibility makes it perfect for businesses with fluctuating staffing needs.

Yes of course, we love to hear one of our candidates is getting a permanent offer. You only need to contact your account manager and tell them you want to hire permanently.

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