Candidates' Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions asked by our candidates can be found on this page.

If your questions are not covered here or are more specific, please do not hesitate to write to [email protected] or ask your recruiter for more information. Our team will be glad to provide you with the right answer!

Working with a recruitment agency is not something everyone is familiar with, it does however, facilitate and make a significant difference in your job search for many reasons. Our recruiters are experienced in targeting candidates with specific and hard to find skills. They will meet with you and learn all your employment needs. They will assist you until you are able to find the right employment, whether that be temporary, on contract or on a permanent basis.

Additionally, our recruiters are specialized within their industries and can therefore share insight with you about the different industry market trends, as well as help you with your resume, provide you with tips for interviews, and of course make sure you are steering in the right direction of your career path.

We also have many jobs that cannot be found on public job boards, whether they be confidential positions, new roles, or clients who are looking for specific people.

Absolutely not. We work on behalf of our clients, as a third-party extension of their HR department. They provide us with the roles to fill and pay us for doing so. Our services with you as a candidate are entirely free!

Our recruiters recruit for multiple jobs at once. They receive a high volume of daily applications; they prioritize every single applicant and treat each case with equal attention.  You can always write to us by submitting your message here, or you can call one of our offices to inquire about your candidacy status.

If your resume is not a match for the available position, you don’t lose anything because your resume is already in our database from the moment you applied.

With your resume in our database, your future applications automatically become easier. Make sure to visit our job board regularly to find new employment opportunities.

Although a gap in someone’s resume or being currently unemployed is not always something we want to highlight, it is normal because life happens, and different people go through different situations. Thankfully, we have temporary and permanent roles.

While you are on the search for a permanent job, you can always take on a temporary job or contract if you’re presented with the opportunity. This is a good way of functioning because it changes your status from unemployed to employed while you’re still undergoing interviews with other companies. Which is why getting you to a contract job for some immediate employment can really be worth it! This method allows you to test out what you like or do not like in a specific field or gain experience in the field you wish to go in. Not to mention, you will be able to get rid of that gap in your resume and be presented to clients as someone who is employed as opposed to unemployed!

Our candidate process has 4 steps. 

  1. Source
  2. Interview
  3. Present
  4. Feedback

To learn more on our candidate process, click here.

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