Outsourcing payroll services

Why outsource payroll services?

As a full-service agency, Fuze HR offers a complete payroll service where you can benefit from an outsourced solution. Our solutions not only save you time, it reduces your administrative load, reduces administrative costs, simplifies the process of payroll management, helps control IT costs and most importantly, it ensures compliance.

The cost of hiring temporary staff is significantly more expensive than long-term staff and therefore our solutions are cost-effective and allow you to focus on your company’s growth and profit. You do not need to spend hours managing and processing payroll. Fuze HR is the employer of record and we save you weeks of time by not having to create ROE’S and T4’S. These tasks are extremely time consuming and are expensive when you need to pay employees to do so!

By partnering with us, Fuze HR will manage your payroll entirely and all tasks associated with it.

How can our solutions help you?

Save Time and Money

Run accurate payrolls, make your payroll hassle-free and reduce your administrative load and costs.

control technology costs

There are no licences to pay, implement, update or maintain.

Payment of employees

We calculate gross-to-net salaries, pay employees and produce digital or paper pay slips. With options for direct deposit or cheques.

Goverment remittances

We calculate deductions at source (DAS) and transfer remittances to all federal and provincial government agencies.

Ensure compliance

Ensures the highest standards of compliance in a complex regulatory environment.


We prepare all the documents and information you need for year-end processing, including tax slips (T4 and Relevé 1) and federal summaries.

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