What is the difference between temporary/contract and permanent positions?

What suits me best?


Temporary Positions

What is temporary work?

Temporary work includes: Contracts or part-time assignments, it allows you to ease your way back into the working lifestyle and provides you with different experiences due to the variety of contracts we have available. It is also a good way to try out new types of work; Ideal for students who need to gain experience or someone wishing to try out a new field of work and gain experience within this field. If you are new to Canada or coming back from a leave of absence in your professional career, temporary assignments can be an excellent option for you!

What are the benefits:
  • Working in a temp role allows you to try out different types of work and therefore investigate what you like or dislike before engaging in a full-time and permanent role; things such as the type of work, the office environment, and the overall culture
  • It is an excellent way to network and gain the experience in a field you are wishing to launch your career in
  • You get to manage your own time because most of the time temporary work has a flexible schedule
  • You might land yourself a full-time job by proving yourself to be a good worker by arriving on time and consistently working hard
  • You still get paid stat holidays if you are on an active assignment with an employer
  • When your contract ends, or the job is finished, your recruiter will always work hard to find another temp assignment
  • You typically receive a higher wage than permanent employees
  • You might have the opportunity to work remotely
  • Benefit from a flexible schedule and work hours
  • Higher control of the amount of work and type of work completed
  • Have the ability to test out a company and try many different companies
  • Have access to learning additional skills quickly

Permanent Positions

What is permanent work?

Permanent work is a great thing when you know the kind of work that suits you and you see yourself working for a long time. It is stable and works best for someone who has already had experience in the industry and wants to remain in it long term. Most of our clients hire us to find someone who has specific experience. When we recruit for these positions, we are sourcing on behalf of our client, and the client chooses the candidate that they want to hire and from there, you are officially employed by the client!

What are the benefits?
  • Permanent or Full-time workers often receive more comprehensive benefit packages
  • They benefit from job security and advancement opportunities
  • Permanent employees benefit from company-paid or company-subsidized insurance benefits
  • They receive more paid vacation, holidays and sick hours than part-time employees because paid time off is often calculated on a certain percentage of total hours worked
  • They maintain steady work hours and work schedules
  • As a permanent employee, employers view you as a long-term investment so promoting you within the company serves their best interests
  • You have less of a financial risk because you receive a regular paycheck
  • Maintain a continued expectation of work
  • The employers of permanent workers typically provide paid time off, vacation time, and/or holiday pay
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