20 Mental Health Awareness Month Workplace Activities to Foster Well-Being


As we enter the month of October, it’s essential to recognize that it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. With millions of Americans grappling with mental health challenges each year, it’s an opportune moment to broach this vital subject in the workplace.

To assist you in promoting mental health awareness among your team, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 20 engaging activities for Mental Health Awareness Month. These initiatives are designed to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage employees to seek the support they may need.

Activities to Promote Mental Health Awareness during October:

1. Organize a Stress Reduction Workshop

Stress can wreak havoc on physical and emotional well-being. Combat this by hosting a stress-reduction workshop led by your benefits director. This will equip your staff with valuable techniques for managing stress in healthy ways.

2. Revamp Your Bulletin Boards

Transform your office bulletin boards into interactive displays for Mental Health Awareness Month. Include informative resources, fact sheets, and thought-provoking questions like “What made you smile today?” to foster engagement and introspection.

3. Dedicate a Well-Being Day

Designate a day solely for well-being activities. Set up hydration stations with fruit-infused water, provide coloring books, create a meditation area, and offer stretching sessions to refresh your staff’s physical and mental states.

4. Design a Tranquil Escape Room

Transform a break room into a restorative escape space, complete with meditation pillows, bean bags, and diffusers. Encourage employees to take short breaks for reflection and meditation, promoting mental peace in minutes.

5. Host a Tea or Coffee Gathering

Arrange a morning tea or coffee event with a mental health advocate or psychologist. Offer a healthy breakfast and facilitate a Q-and-A session on stress management or anxiety-reducing techniques.

6. Embrace the Outdoors

Recognize the benefits of outdoor green spaces. Host an outdoor event like a field day with team-building activities, fostering laughter and physical movement.

7. Facilitate Mental Health Discussions

Encourage open dialogue about mental health by asking employees questions like “How are you feeling today?” and “How have you been spending your time?” Share resources like Empower Work for confidential support.

8. Share Screening Tools

Promote mental health awareness by sharing confidential screening tools through emails, bulletin boards, and team meetings.

9. Arrange an On-Site Yoga Day

Invite a local yoga teacher for a deep-breathing and yoga class. Yoga helps quiet the mind while providing physical activity for a balanced mental health routine.

10. Paint Away Stress

Gather your team for a relaxing paint party, either after work on a Friday or during the week. Painting is a therapeutic way to release stress, and it’s suitable for artists of all levels.

11. Embrace the Gratitude Challenge

Encourage employees to participate in a gratitude challenge, such as journaling three things they’re grateful for each evening or leaving anonymous notes of gratitude on a bulletin board.

12. Wellness Gift Exchange

Engage employees in a wellness gift exchange. Ask them to purchase small wellness-related gifts, such as stress balls or self-help books, and exchange them as a morale-boosting activity.

13. Create a Coloring Area

Set up a quiet space with colouring books for employees to engage in mindfulness and reduce stress during breaks.

14. DIY Workshops

Offer a series of DIY workshops, from soap-making to wood carving, to promote creativity and reduce anxiety. Consider hiring a local artisan or using a craft studio.

15. Indulge in a Massage Day

Arrange a massage day at the workplace with local massage school students looking to fulfill their hours. Massage is an effective stress reducer for both body and mind.

16. Gardening for Serotonin

Plan a day to work on a company garden or a community garden. Gardening increases serotonin levels, enhancing overall happiness.

17. Wellness Giveaways

Surprise employees with wellness giveaways throughout the month, such as meditation app subscriptions, self-help books, or spa-related prizes.

18. Kickstart Well-Being Mondays

Initiate Well-Being Mondays to equip your team with self-help techniques and set a positive tone for the work week.

19. Promote Random Acts of Kindness

Encourage employees to perform random acts of kindness, which not only uplift the recipient but also boost the doer’s optimism, confidence, and happiness.

20. Community Dance Party

Host an outdoor community dance party, promoting both mood elevation and physical health while supporting a local mental health organization.

Fostering Mental Health Awareness at Work

Remember that mental health is an integral part of overall well-being, encompassing emotional, psychological, and social aspects of life. By incorporating these lighthearted yet purposeful activities, you can make a significant impact on your staff’s well bieng. This list serves as a starting point, and it’s vital to involve your employees in shaping how your company addresses mental health in the workplace. Their input is invaluable in promoting a healthier and more supportive work environment.

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