7 To-Do’s for regaining motivation after coming back from a long vacation

7 To-Do’s for regaining motivation after coming back from a well-deserved vacation

Returning to the office after a long vacation is not always the most exciting thing. Thinking about readapting your sleeping schedule, your work routine and tasks that have not yet been dealt with can be overwhelming. To make your comeback to the office better for you, there are several techniques that allow you to strengthen your motivation and potentially increase your productivity.Here are 7 ways to motivate you to get back into your usual work routine.

  1. Change your alarm’s ringtone. Waking up early in the morning is your first challenge, especially when you have been waking up at different times during your vacation. What is even more challenging is waking up in your best mood! After getting used to waking up anytime during the day, activating your old alarm ringtone might not be as effective. Finding a motivating ringtone could be the solution. Find one with a beat that puts you in a good mood and can get you out of your bed. This is a good way to be motivated enough for the big day!
  2. Get used to waking up early again. Don’t jump too quickly into your early morning routine right after your vacation, you don’t want to shock your body. Try to wake up earlier 2 to 3 days before your first day of work. You can make gradual changes to the time you wake up by advancing your alarm 15mins every day until you get back to your old habits.
  3. Reconnect with your co-workers. Going back to work means seeing your coworkers after a long period of absence. You might have a lot to catch up on, so take advantage of that time.
  4. Review and set new and better goals. When you arrive at the office, you can start by looking back at your performance. Thanks to that time off, you will be able to step back and reflect on the actions put in place to perfect your craft. Depending on what you have been able to achieve, you will be able to set new, more realistic goals. Always take some time before you go back, to revive yourself and set your ambitions.
  5. Diversify your methods and habits. Before taking a few days off, you may have faced some difficulties in your tasks. Take the time to think about your strengths and weaknesses. After your reflection there’s only one thing left to do: Change your methods and habits. Take a step back to find the best answer. Feel free to ask your colleagues for help. Change your habits and multiply your efficiency.
  6. Plan your days out. Going back to work knowing you have different tasks that require your attention can be demotivating if you aren’t organized. To make you want to work, put your days in order! Plan your work every day to find out what’s waiting for you from morning to night. Don’t let anything surprise you. You will be able to identify the important points to work on first. You won’t leave any room for stress or surprises.
  7. Focus on the basics. One of the greatest sources of demotivation remains an excessive workload. A solution is available for you to make the most of it: focus on the basics first so you can move on to the more important tasks. By completing the basic or easier tasks first, you will feel more accomplished. Lastly, remember that adopting a positive mindset in any circumstance can strongly influence your motivation.

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