Video Interview: 6 Tips and Preparations to Nail it


Video interviews are becoming more popular because of its conveniences. It saves time and money for both employer and candidates.

Meanwhile, an in-person interview is still the most popular method during the hiring process, there are chances you might be asked for a video call. Make sure you are well prepared by running through these 6 points before your video interview.

1. Preparations:

Do not install the app or software on the same day as your interview. Download and set up the things you need a few days prior to your appointment.

2. Present yourself professionally:

Create a professional username for your Skype, Google Meets or other video conference platforms. Just like your professional email address, it will affect your professionalism.

3. A proper location:

Choose a place that is distraction-free. With no people walking around or surrounding noises. Set up your stage as if you were in an actual interviewing room with the hiring manager. Make sure your background is not cluttered with posters or pictures.

You should also have your video interview in a tidy area. Your interviewer wouldn’t like to see a messy room filled with clothes or stacks of books.

4. Dress for the occasion:

Dress like you would go to an interview. Even if we only see your top half, it is suggested to dress in full outfit because the way you dress could affect your mood.

Choose an outfit that will look good while you are sitting. Try to get some feedback from a friend or a family member while practicing your interview on camera with them.

5. Remember to make eye contact with the camera:

During the interview remember to talk to the camera. You can get distracted by other things on your screen, such as looking at yourself in the preview window. It is very easy to tell where you are looking. Even if you are making eye contact with the interviewer appearing on your screen, your eyes will appear shifted and that you are looking somewhere else than the lens of your webcam.

6. Speak clearly:

Many times your built-in mic can play tricks on you. Before your interview appointment, test it with someone else. Practice the way you speak and make sure you speak loud and clear. You don’t want the interviewer to have a hard time to understand you.

What does the interviewer expect from you?

Answer the questions asked:

Make sure your responses answer the interviewer’s questions. Recruiters and hiring managers want to know if you are a fit for the job. As video interviews allow both parties to save time, be clear and don’t let them wondering if you are qualified.

Show creativity:

Tell a story in your responses. Relate them to past experience that demonstrates how you can perform the job required.

Have your CV or resume ready:

While video interviews are great, there are always the essentials that are needed. Make sure your experience and qualification match what you are saying during the interview.

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