Should you talk about your side project during an interview?

Should you talk about your side project during an interview?

Some people like to have small side projects outside of their 9 to 5 schedule, something that they are passionate about. Some like to do them out of pleasure, to occupy themselves, as an extension of their field of studies or hoping to transform this hobby into their future dream job. There are so many reasons to have a side project. It helps to expand your career skills and perhaps makes you a better candidate.

When should you mention your side job in your interview?

During an interview, you have to be strategic when talking about your side project. If it’s related to the full-time job, it is worth to mention it when you get a chance. Which means it can help to demonstrate your skills, your drive and your interest in a different way.

Talking about your side job shows that you are a passionate candidate and how dedicated you are. It shows that you are a person who knows how to execute things and get things done. Sometimes, talking about your side gig can show extra skills that your interviewer is looking for. And if you are in the process of a career change, it is a big advantage for you because the skills you gained outside of your working hours show that you are determined, and proactive for acquiring them on your own.

How should you talk about it?

When you have the chance to talk about your side project, do not just mention it, instead, demonstrate how you do it, use it as an extended platform of yourself. For example, how you partnered with others for projects, the procedures you take in order to achieve certain goals, how you keep the things on schedule, etc. Next, you will need to make it clear that your side project will not be interfering your full-time job. Whether if you get the job, mention that you are committed to using the acquired skills to contribute and advance the company.

When should you NOT talk about your side projects?

With what mentioned above, if your side hustle is not related in any way, shape or form to the job you applied for, do not mention anything. Due to the fact that when you start this side project, it is of course driven by what you believed and interested in. If you mention this to your employer, your work ethics and faith to the job you are interviewing for will be questionable. It will give an impression that you will not take the full-time job seriously or you will have divided energy from your job and the side gig.

You should be extra careful to not talk about it when you start work. If your performance is doing well and after staying for a year at this company, it will be safe to start talking about it.

Should you include your side project on a CV?

Just like an interview, include them if it’s relevant to the job you are applying for. In fact, as you know by now, you should have different versions of your CV for different types of jobs.

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