Job Description

Do you enjoying coordinating, recruiting, selling? Do you enjoy a challenge? If you have replied yes, apply immediately as this is such a great opportunity. We are searching for a School Coordinator to join our team.


· Coordinate day to day operations.

· Develop, implement, and maintain clinic policies and procedures.

· Assist in screening and selecting faculty and student applications.

· Manage orientation of new students.

· Provide support and guidance to academic trains.

· Develop and manage comprehensive academic programs.

· Provide guidance to students on academic goals and educational issues.

· Assist students on course selection and career selection.

· Prepare and maintain student records according to district policies and administrative regulation.

· Assist in updating lesson content and instruction methodology.

· Assist in developing strategy to recruit students through different channels.

· Maintaining the financials books of students and faculty.


· Great organizational, communication and leadership skills.

· Excellent time management skills and the ability to multi-task and prioritize work.

· Keen attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

· Completion of one- or two-year college certificate or diploma in Business Administration or related field.

· 2 more years of experience in a similar field.

Contact Details

Interested? Send your CV to [email protected]