Job Description

Key Responsibilities and Authorities:

· Update fast response board and attend Fast Response Meetings

· Authority to follow up on Customer scorecards, portals, KPI/QOS Reporting for quality related issues

· Monthly review and electronic signature of supplier performance

· Review and submit customer Sample Submissions (PPAP)

· Participate in DMN System activities

· Prepare departmental budgets

· Disposition Quarantine

· Signing authority for Job Instructions and Control Plan

· Authority to contact customer with Quality Issues

· Provide technical support to the customer

· Authority to follow up for Customer Concerns

· Authority to follow up for Supplier Quality Concerns

· Selection and approval of Corrective and Preventive actions

· Participate in a team selection and approval of Special Characteristics

· Arrange for outside testing as required

· Train , coach and assist department personnel in the development of continuous improvement ideas

· Conforms to IATF 16949/ISO14001 standards

· Performs the duties of the IATF16949/ISO14001 Management reps in their absence.

· Ensure that requirements of are effectively established, implemented and maintained; CQC16-491289-2018

· Ensure product consistency and conformity between product and CNCA standard;

· Ensure correct use of CQC/ CCC certificate and mark, and ensure continuous validity of certificate status of certified products

· Ensure that all personnel are working in a safe and efficient manner

· Perform other duties as required (ie-special projects).

· Work in compliance and conform to IATF16949 and ISO14001 standards.

· Will ensure that all individuals within their department work in compliance and conform to IATF16949 and ISO14001 standards.

· Work in a safe manner at all times

Basic Requirements and Competencies:

· Completion of an appropriate blend of education and/or experience equaling a minimum of five years

· Minimum 3 years’ experience as a Department Quality Manager or equivalent

· Prior experience dealing with customer quality issues, including plant visits

· Experience in Problem Solving Disciplines using a cross-functional team approach

· Management and Supervisory skills

· Ability to read, write and speak English

· Computer literacy and a sound knowledge in MS Office, Excel and Outlook is an asset.

· Ability to successfully interact with all levels of employees in a multicultural environment.

· Excellent communication skills (written and oral).