Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities: (this is not an inclusive list, other duties may be assigned at the discretion of management)

§ Sprays surfaces of manufactured products, or working area with protective material, such as paint, enamel, glaze, and using spray gun;

§ Inspects surface condition prior to painting, ensuring there are no defects and the products is clean and ready for painting;

§ Cleans grease and dirt from product, using materials, such as lacquer thinner, turpentine, soap, and water;

§ Applies masking tape over parts and areas that are not to be coated;

§ Selects and mixes coating liquid to produce desired color, according to specifications, using paddle or mechanical mixer;

§ Pours coating liquid into spray container and connects gun to air hose, using wrenches;

§ Turns sprayer valves and nozzle to regulate width and pressure of spray according to knowledge of painting technique;

§ Pulls trigger and directs spray onto work surface to apply prime or finish coat;

§ Coats areas inaccessible to hand sprayer, using brush;

§ Cleans spraying equipment and brushes with solvent;

§ May use wire brush or steel wool to remove rust from metal;

§ Comply with all company policies, procedures, and programs.

Health & Safety:

§ Work SMART and work SAFE – follow all company Health & Safety policies and procedures;

§ Must wear the proper PPE as per company policy;

§ Housekeeping – ensure proper storage of all tools, area is kept clean and tidy; no slip trip or fall hazards are present, and all materials are stored in the proper container/cabinet;

§ Ensure that equipment is in proper working order, if applicable conduct pre and post work inspections on your tools/equipment.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

§ Excellent communication skills both written and verbal;

§ Able to take direction both oral and written;

§ Highly organized, well-planned, productive, self-directed individual who requires minimal supervision, and is able to meet tight production timelines;

§ Excellent problem solving/analytical skills, possess the ability to make decision and to influence others;

§ Intermediate mathematical skills is required;

§ You collaborate with others in order to achieve the best results and deliver the most value

§ Ability to operate hoist and lifting equipment, prepare jigs;

§ Ability to use general assembly tools – impact gun, torque wrench, etc.;

§ Willing to work in a team environment, possess solid work ethic, and pays attention to detail;

§ You collaborate with others in order to achieve the best results and deliver the most value.


§ High school diploma or equivalent is required;

§ 3 – 5 years previous experience of automotive or industrial paint shops;

§ 2 – 3 year’s of experience in mixing variation of colors and the ability to spray balance colours;

§ 3 – 5 year’s of experience working with two part component paint and system i.e. system pressures, gauges etc.;

§ Previous experience working in a production environment.