Job Description

The Line Technician is responsible for ensuring the achievement of optimum operating efficiency of the production line by ensuring timely change over, accurate set up, prompt troubleshooting, and effective execution of production lines in accordance with safety requirements to achieve communicated targets and quality results.
 Proactively plan/schedule line needs (tooling, maintenance, changeovers, etc.) for each shift; predict tool wear and tool changes base upon SPC data and liaise with maintenance to ensure efficient PM is performed and supplies of necessary tooling is available
 Read and interpret engineering drawings and specifications; identify, select and prepare tooling and change parts as necessary
 Analyze "out of tolerance" conditions and make adjustments as required
 Read and interpret production reports and obtain first offs
 Set up and maintain production assets (labeler, filler, capper) to ensure optimal run time
 Measure and layout workplace material to optimize work flow efficiency
 Continuously monitor work target achievements, use problem solving approaches and take remedial action when needed
 Communicate information to the Supervisor (i.e. manpower, production, machine issues) and recommend remedial action to the Supervisor as required
 Communicate precise instruction to operators in regards to the safe set up and operation of machinery; demonstrate job functions to coworkers as needed
 Continuously monitor product for defects and quality. Identify appropriate colors, alignment, lot codes, debris and other observable defects.
 Read and understand Process Instructions (PI), product labels and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s); verify, communicate and improve SOPs and PIs as required
 Communicate with co-workers in order to solve immediate production concerns or complete production assignments; complete production assignments in a timely manner and in accordance with department schedules.
 Clean and sterilize equipment and turnaround for next batch in specified time; ensure the production area is washed and cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis.
 Read, understand and complete required documentation. All paperwork shall be accurately and neatly completed in accordance with established policies and procedures.
 Handle bulk materials and finished goods in accordance with safety and cGMP requirements.
 Efficiently and safely operate assigned machinery; perform simple maintenance and report malfunctioning equipment immediately to Supervisor or Manager.
 Direct line coworkers as needed to maximize output and quality.
 Coach employees on correct procedures of how to perform the task at hand with the appropriate SOPs.
 Perform daily duties of reporting root causes of downtime into designated automated systems.
 Perform other duties as assigned

Contact Details

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