Job Description

Our client, a mainstay in the software development world, is currently seeking an Intermediate Software Developer to join their growing team.

The Software Developer’s duties and responsibilities will vary from project to project. However, several core responsibilities are expected.

Write Code: Depending on the size of a project, the Software Developer may be responsible for a large portion of coding.
Review Code: The Software Developer will be responsible for reviewing other developers’ code for accuracy and functionality.
Optimize Code: The Software Developer will be responsible for optimizing existing code. Optimizations may be related to speed or performance.
Design and Implement Software: The Software Developer will participate in the design phase of software projects. They will assist the Software Architect in planning and creating standards for the project. The implementation of the project is also a responsibility of the Developer and will usually require coding and testing.
Analyze Data: The Developer may be asked to analyze coding segments. Analysis is ongoing work that is performed throughout the entirety of a project.
-Document Projects: Documentation is a very important part of the Senior Developer’s job. These documents will serve as references for new employees and for future maintenance on the system. Senior Developers must be able to communicate well through writing and be able to create flowcharts and diagrams.

-Strong knowledge of computer language C++
-Good background in coding and coding standards
-Good knowledge of user interfaces
-Good knowledge of cross-platform frameworks and web frameworks
-Experience with database creation and maintenance
-Experience with QT or other cross-platform frameworks
-Experience in computer vision