Job Description

Fuze HR’s client is looking for Commercial Interior Glaziers that will be responsible for the installation of glass partitions, glass doors, decorative back painted glass wall cladding and mirrors.

Job Duties

  • Glazing projects usually require installation on a variety of businesses such as finance companies, banks, lawyer firms, marketing companies, etc.
  • Once the glass order is ready, we then pick it up from our supplier’s shop and deliver it to the job site where they are installed by inserting the glass carefully in position.
  • Glass is usually secured with u-channels, rails, headers, or putty tape and silicone into metal, wood or aluminum framing.

Experience & Assests

  • Our glaziers generally use tools of the trade such as hand power tools (i.e. saws, drills, cutters, and grinders, suction cups, gasket rollers, silicone guns, and glazing knives)
  • Must be able to use tools, saws, hammer, drills, nail guns, silicone guns. Load and unload glass and glazing materials to and from work areas.
  • Must have the stamina to work on their feet for long hours 10-13 hours each day.
  • Must be punctual, show an eagerness to learn and willingness to follow instructions.
  • Must be in good physical labor.
  • Must show concern and attention to SAFETY and the prevention of injuries on the job.

Shift & Pay

5 – 6 days a week, full-time

1-3 years: $21-22/HR

3-5 years: $23 – $25/HR

5+ years: $25-$30

All candidates must posses a Ministry of Labor approved valid Working at Heights Certificate, WHIMS, and 4 steps is Safety Awareness. Must have reliable transportation. Must possess Full G licence.


Contact Details

If interested, please email resume to Maurice at [email protected]

Suitable candidate will be contacted