The Tool & Die Maker/Repair will presently hold a journeyman/woman status, who have served in a bona fide apprenticeship of four (4) years at 8000 hours, or at least five years – 9000 hours experience and holds a certification which substantiates his or her claim of such service. Must have a working knowledge of the principles of QS-9000, a working capability to operate a Computer within the realm of Microsoft Office, and with Tool Room specific software to track the preventive, predictive and unscheduled maintenance initiatives of the Tool Room.

The Tool & Die Maker/Repair must have a full complement of the required tools necessary to perform assigned tasks and have adequate and reliable transportation to attend work regularly and punctually in keeping with a three-shift rotation.

The Tool & Die Maker/Repair must be able to lift and move tools, components and materials of up to 50 pounds, and recognize when lift assist, or other assistive devices are necessary.

The Tool & Die Maker/Repair must work safely and efficiently at all times in keeping with all relevant legislative authority and workplace rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Those in the Tool and Die Maker/Repair classification have the authority to identify, determine the root cause and affect the necessary corrective action on tools, dies, special guiding, holding and assembling devices that produce the requisite outputs provided the applicable responsible functions within the organization are notified of the necessary corrective procedures.

In keeping with the policies and procedures of the organization, along with all relevant legislative authority, those in the Tool & Die Maker/Repair classification will:

· Diagnose and repair broken or worn tools, dies, gauges, jigs and fixtures, and are expected to participate in the design and build of specialized equipment used to cut, shape, form and assemble metal and other materials.

· Work from blueprints or instructions to plan the sequence of operations necessary to complete measuring, cutting, boring, various types of welding, drilling or otherwise manufacturing the requisite inputs in conjunction with assigned tasks, and to assure the accuracy of those completed tasks to ensure that final product meets all specifications.

· Be expected to participate in a ‘hands-on’ manner with the training initiatives of apprentices and lesser-experienced workers in the Tool & Die Repair Department.

· Participate as necessary in the required Process Improvement Department initiatives.

· Communicate and work effectively with work-team members and other members of the company

· Understand and comply with the worker responsibilities and rights as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OH&S) of Ontario, as well as, the Company’s safety rules

· Read and interpret engineering drawings and specifications of tools, dies, prototypes or models;

· Prepare templates and sketches and determine work processes;

· Compute dimensions and tolerances and set up machine tools;

· Position, secure, measure and work metal stock or castings to lay out for machining;

· Fit and assemble or disassemble parts using hand tools; and

· Test completed tools, dies, jigs or fixtures for proper operation

· Impress diagnose of trouble with part quality and or die issues

· Make repairs/adjustments quickly

· Metal cutting, forming or bending dies

· Gauges or instruments

· Compound or progressive transfer dies

· Assemble tooling and dies for metal stamping and metal forming equipment

· Maintain, troubleshoot and repair tools

· Recommend changes to improve the quality of tool and dies

· Use manual milling, lathe, drill press, tapping machinery to repair and modify dies as required

· To set up, operate and maintain a variety of machine tools to cut, turn, mill, plane, bore, grind or otherwise shape work piece to prescribed dimensions and finish;

· To verify machined parts for conformance to specifications using precision measuring instruments;

· To fit, assemble or disassemble parts using hand tools;

· To hand work dies in the press for spotting and tryout;

· Assist other Tool Shop personnel and apprentices as required.

· Attend any other meetings as necessary as called by a member of the Senior Management Team to provide proactive input toward the resolution of open issues and the continual improvement of the organization.

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