Fuze HR is currently looking for Lead hand for one of our client in Oavkville for their Midnight Shift starting in September. Training starts on either day or afternoon shift.

Job Responsibilities:


1. Make sure that all production employees (temp. & perm.) are always wearing all required PPE.

2. Are responsible for conducting all incident/accident investigations & reviewing with the JHSC.

3. Identify and correct any potential workplace safety hazards and report to the JHSC.

4. Ensure that all production employees are following all Correct Work Practices (CWP).

5. Ensure that the workplace cleanliness (debris, dirt, etc.)

6. Ensure proper medical attention is giving to an injured worker and make record in the injury book.

7. Perform lift truck safety check at the beginning of each shift.

8. Ensure that all visitors/office staff follow the CWP for PPE while in the production area.

9. Ensure that the valves on the lift truck propane tanks are turned off at the end of shift.

10. Ensure production employees (temp. & perm.) rotate working on different position every two hours.


1. Ensure that all hourly compliance checks are completed.

2. Ensure that the finished product packaging quality is up to standard.

3. Ensure that scheduled glue checks are performed and adjust if 30grams.

4. Responsible for stopping the line if quality is not on target.


1. Ensure that the actions of all production associates contribute to maximizing line efficiency while meeting all safety and quality standards.

2. Organize production associates – break replacement, positional rotation, jobs offline.

3. Co-ordinate with Sheldon any extra shipping help that he requires.

4. Train, develop, and coach his crew (temps & perm) and evaluate performance.

5. Manage/Control the use of consumable production items – gloves, glasses, utility knives, etc.

6. Responsible for operational troubleshooting – liaison with Deon and Jun.

7. Post special issues on the Red Flag Board.

8. Act as a bridge between management and production associates.


1. Ensure that hourly production data, downtime & comments, waste, and re-work are recorded.

2. Complete a shift report to include items in point #1 above as well as various shift items to

include: training performed, temp evaluation, safety issues, quality issues, maintenance issues, etc.


Make sure that all doors are closed & locked at the end of shift, including the saw dust bin building, and that the ADT security system is engaged.


Ensure that the client emergency policies and procedures are followed during any emergency situation.

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