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Production: Packaging Operator Duties

Purpose: To describe the daily responsibilities of the packaging operator.

Scope: Packaging department.


  1. Work safely and adhere to the policies that are outlined in the Brampton Brick Health & Safety Policy.
  1. Monitor texture and colour of brick
    • Frequently look at the sample wall and monitor the quality of the brick.
    • Refer to Grading Process.
    • Call supervisor if unsure of disposition.
  1. Maintain operations of packaging equipment
    • Maintain safe and efficient operation of all equipment in the packaging area.
    • Maintain, inspect and keep the equipment clean.
    • If an issue arises, the Operator shall generate a work order and record the resolution on the Downtime report.
  1. Maintain a clean work area
    • Keep packaging area clean and free from debris.
    • Dump any garbage cans located in the area and dispose of any other type of garbage.
    • Every shift shall leave their area clean at the end of the shift.
    • When the machines are down for any reason, operators shall clean their areas. This includes cleaning under the machines, using proper lockout procedures.
  1. Refill strap and retract as required.
  1. Print front cube labels as required.
  1. Ensure labels on retract are being properly printed and that the labels on the front of the cube are being properly affixed.
  1. Complete all required paperwork and checklists
    • Complete all daily paperwork and give to the shift Supervisor at the close of the shift.
    • It is necessary that accurate downtime reports be generated.

  1. Maintain and update Log Books
    • Log the panel name, run number(s) and car numbers that were packaged during the shift.
  1. Update MAPICS
    • Enter all necessary information into MAPICS throughout the shift.
  1. Monitor Packaging Process
    • Ensure that the equipment is functioning correctly and that the bricks are being properly removed from the kiln car and arranged into cubes.
  1. Complete appropriate changeovers
    • Change over the equipment for different runs of brick.
    • Store any removed equipment in the proper storage area.
    • Change label database to correct label.
  1. Perform other requested duties
    • Perform the tasks that are requested by the Plant Supervisors in all areas.