5 Common Mistakes of Job Seekers and How To Correct Them

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5 common mistakes a job seeker will do

Job hunting is an utterly exhausting thing to do but we need to do when we’re unemployed – whether or not we like it.  Each and every part of the task is critical – from the way the resume is written and the way you dress yourself up, to the way your mouth and body speak. All these processes, when executed properly, can make job hunting successful. Many times, job seekers fail to effectively sell themselves not because he is not suitable for the position he is applying for. There can be multiple reasons why rejection and failure are often experienced.  To help you not make the same mistakes did, here is a list of what these mistakes are and how to steer clear from them.

Typos and grammatical errors

Whether or not you have an idea if the employer is privy on these things or not, it is always a plus point on your part if you submit a resume without such mistakes. Your resume is the preliminary step to selling yourself to the employer.  You need to place your best foot forward to make you stand out and gain their attention. Although it is not uncommon to make a typo and grammatical error here and there, it is still not an excuse to commit the same on your resume.

The errors that can be found in your resume can reflect badly on your part. It can create an impression that you are not attentive to details, or worse, that you cannot be relied upon on bigger tasks. So before you send out your resume, make sure that you read through every word that you have typed in. After you proofread it, you can ask someone else to proof it for you too, once or twice more.


Words such as team-player and results-driven are too common and overused in resumes.  While these words sound positive, they are actually empty. What would strike more to hiring managers are words that reflect your achievements, which will be of value to them once they hire you. Try using the words mentored, trained, and the like to better reflect or speak about your achievement.  Remember that when writing a resume, the word you use can either make or break you.  So make sure they don’t fall on the latter.

Sentence fillers

We all are guilty of this habit. And this happens mostly in situations where we are tense, conscious, or nervous. We tend to unconsciously fill our sentences with, umm, ahh, or you know. These fillers should have no place during phone and in-person interviews. You wouldn’t want to make an impression that you are not confident enough to take on the job. The best way to check and correct this is to find a workspace where you can record or videotape yourself during a mock interview with a friend. Review your answers, ask feedback from your friend, and look out for fillers so you will become aware when and how often you blurt them out. Practice again and again until you see your progress.


Just like a soldier going to war, you have to be properly armed for the interview you are to participate in.  You cannot just show yourself without having any idea what the company is about or the details and responsibilities of the position you are applying for.  When you come into the interview prepared, it will be seen the way you talk and move. You will need to wear confidence like you own it. Make it a point that you don’t hesitate in answering and not wavering in your eye-to-eye contact with the interviewer. Research about the company – its values, history, and all the other important details prior to going to the interview. Understand the job position you are applying for and make sure that you have researched its roles and responsibilities as well.

Not dressed enough

When going to an interview, how you are dressed up makes the biggest impression on the hiring manager’s way before you speak a word.  Dress up professionally. Don’t mind looking overdressed, it’s a lot better than being underdressed. For women, wear your makeup lightly and never overdo.

In trying to get a job, we have all made some mistake once or twice. But just remember not to commit these five mistakes listed above and you’ll be perfectly fine.

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