Our Hiring Process

Our meeting with our clients is one of the most important aspects of our process. As your business partner, we help you eliminate the risk of making the wrong hiring decision. We invest the time to understand your corporate culture, your approach and your requirements. We ask questions that go beyond a job description. By asking these in-depth questions; we get to know the hiring manager’s thought process and develop a strong relationship which is vital in placing the perfect candidate. Fuze HR believes that our expert knowledge of your industry is the best guarantee of success. Your Account Manager will work with Recruitment Consultants who are experienced experts within the industry and field you are recruiting for. The Recruitment Consultants have both field and recruiting experience within their respective industries. If our Recruitment Consultants don’t already have a candidate in our database, then they will begin a full recruit campaign to ensure a perfect job placement. 

When we meet and discuss about your company and open positions with you, it allows us to not only learn about the positions but learn about the company culture, reason for job opening and understand the profile‘s skills and fit you are looking to hire. It enables our recruitment team to really be able to consider if candidates will fit into your organization and be that key hire you are looking to bring into your companyOnce our recruiters understand the position, company values and vision, we can start to effectively recruit on the position and send you the candidates we best feel fit the position.

Our recruiters are industry specialists with a diverse background. They have large networks of industry professionals and use their networks to find the best candidates on the market. Along with this, we headhunt directly from other employers/competitors on the market. We know the best candidates are actively working- and we work to find them and work our magic from there. 

All candidates are telephone screened and then met face to face (in person, or for remote location- skype) prior to being presented to you. We learn about our candidates career paths and make sure their career goals are in line with the goals and vision of your organization- to ensure that ideal “Fit”. 

We present only the best of the batch we meet, sending forward the most qualified candidates for the position so that you have only final interviews to do and do not need to spend your time meeting people who are not exactly what you are looking for! From there, we can coordinate interviews between the candidates and your team, and conduct any testing, background checks or reference checks on the candidates you prefer for you to revise. 

Just because your recruitment may be done for this position, and the role is filled does not mean this is the end of our relationship! We will remain in contact and make sure that this hire is working out!  And if it doesn’t? No problem- we offer a guarantee for that reason. We will regularly check in and if it is not working out- we will begin our search for a replacement- so that you have someone ready to come on board as soon as need be.  

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Outsourcing payroll services

Why outsource payroll services?
You want to reduce administrative costs and simplify the payroll process?
You want to spend less time managing your payroll and more time managing your business?
Your business is growing but you do not want to add headcount to your payroll?
As a full-service agency, Fuze HR offers a complete payroll service where you can benefit from an outsourced solution. Our solutions not only save you time, it reduces your administrative load, reduces administrative costs, simplifies the process of payroll management, helps control IT costs and most importantly, it ensures compliance.
The cost of hiring temporary staff is significantly more expensive than long-term staff and therefore our solutions are cost-effective and allow you to focus on your company’s growth and profit. You do not need to spend hours managing and processing payroll. Fuze HR is the employer of record and we save you weeks of time by not having to create ROE’S and T4’S. These tasks are extremely time consuming and are expensive when you need to pay employees to do so!
By partnering with us, Fuze HR will manage your payroll entirely and all tasks associated with it.
Click here to contact a sales representative to discuss further and answer any additional questions you may have regarding this service.
How can our solutions help you?
Save Time and Money

Run accurate payrolls, make your payroll hassle free and reduce your administrative load and costs.

Control Technology Costs

There are no licences to pay, implement, update or maintain.

Payment of Employees

We calculate gross-to-net salaries, pay employees and produce digital or paper pay slips. With options for direct deposit or cheques.

Government Remittances

We calculate deductions at source (DAS) and transfer remittances to all federal and provincial government agencies.

Ensure compliance

Ensures the highest standards of compliance in a complex regulatory environment.


We prepare all the documents and information you need for year-end processing, including tax slips (T4 and Relevé 1) and federal summaries.