7 To-Do’s For Regaining Motivation Back After A Vacation

After the vacation, your return to the office is not the most exciting thing. Thinking about readapting your sleep schedule, your work routine and tasks that have not yet […]

Holiday Playlist to Spice Up Your Workspace and Office

It’s literally a week away from the holiday vacation!

Stores in the malls already have the playlist right after the Halloween night and we always have 1 or 2 colleagues who […]

Fuze HR Placed 2nd at “Futsal par cœur” a Charity Cooperative Soccer Tournament

On April 29th 2017, Fuze HR placed second at the 2nd edition of “Futsal par cœur”, an event organised by La Ligue de Futsal 5 Étoiles (LF5E), Boutique Passion Soccer […]

4 Simple Factors That Could Affect Productivity At Work (Improve or Harm it) [Infographic]

You must be thinking: an office is an office. Nicely decorated or not, it is just a place where your employees spend the day and leave when the clock strikes 5 o’clock.

But no! the environment and decor do affect their health and their productivity level. According to studies, Americans work an average of 34.4 hours per week, 174 hours per month and 2088 hours per year. In other words, a human spends 30% of their lifetime working (which means 25-30years).