The Canadian Job Market Continues To Bloom in 2017!

Since summer 2016, the job market has been blooming. Statistic Canada reported that the country added 48,300 jobs in the month of January. With 15,800 of full-time positions and 32,400 part-time positions. According to economists, the employment rates will lowered to 6.2 percent. After 2 hard years, this up rise is a positive signal that the Canadian economy is improving.

There is a strong job growth since August 2016.

Most of them are from part-time jobs however, economists predict the full-time jobs market will be stronger this year. According to Statistic Canada, the number of full-time jobs rose by 141,000. Following this increase, the Canadian dollars has strengthened immediately.

In January, the service sector has increased 42,600 jobs in the following industries:

  • Finance, Insurance and real estate (20,500)
  • Transportation & warehousing, business & support services
  • Goods sectors (5,600)
  • Constructions (5,200)
  • Natural resources (2,500)

The increment of the workforce in 2016 across the country increased by 1.2 percent compared to the year before. Which is also the highest number of job growth since 2012.

Statistics Canada also released numbers from November on the country’s trade balance with the world and it’s the first monthly surplus in over two years. The exports rose 4.3 percent, which mostly is due to the improvement in sales of metal and non-metallic mineral products. The agency said the exports to other countries other than the United States bit the previous record set in December 2011 with a rise 9.5 percent, a hit record of $12 billion; and it is the biggest monthly percentage since May 2008. As Canada brought in more energy products, imports were up to 0.7 percent in November.

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