A few creepy and disturbing jobs that exist


It’s Halloween and of course, we need to have a post something that goes with the vibe. There are many creepy and dangerous jobs that we don’t really think of. Those specialists in these careers deal with things that are not your typical office jobs. The list can go from working in the dark for long hours to dealing with dead bodies or killing pests. You have it all!

If you think you are struggling with finding someone to fill your role in finance or in IT, think of the ones that we need to convince the candidates to work in those fields.

Here is a list of the creepiest and gruesome jobs:

cts decon technician

CTS Decon Technician

That is certainly not for fainted-heart folks. This job is not often shown on TV during crime shows. The CTS Decon technicians are the ones who clean up the crime scenes. With that being said, they will need to and not limited to: cleaning up the blood, leftover tissues or body parts of the dead, decontamination of hazardous materials… So imagine, the person needs to clean up the wall full of blood and picking up a piece of brain tissue and make sure nothing is forgotten… that’s pretty gruesome.

Cryonics Technician

Cryonics Technician

What do Cryonics technicians do? Cryonics is the low-temperature preservation of a human corpse. So the technician will be attempting to preserve people who are legally dead so they can revive them in the future when medical advancements are able to restore life. Most typically, this job is to preserve the head. Is this really the key to immortal? If you think about it, this could be a scene straight from a 90’s horror movie!


Unlike the other two, we heard of miners. However, you might be thinking why it made it to this list. Miners need to work in the dark and in tiny areas. So if you are claustrophobic, this won’t work for you. Miners do not need any education but it takes great courage to always work a couple of hundred of feet underground, in tight and dangerous spaces. Hats off to them!

field epidemiologist

Field Epidemiologist

Just like miners, Field epidemiologists play a game with their life. The epidemiologists are sent to the field when a new disease has occurred. They will need to search and study the virus while it develops at the real time. The worker is only protected by a hazmat suit while they are close and personal with the germs, blood and dead bodies every day. We cross our fingers for them to not contract any disease. Thanks to them, they risk their lives to find out ways to prevent and protect our people. Without the Field Epidemiologists, there will be a zombie apocalypse happening already.

bomb squad technician
Bomb Squad Technician

Bomb Squad technicians are quite easy to understand. They detect bombs in the field and deactivate them. It is a risky career. A bomb can activate at any time! Just think of when you play Minesweeper back in the 90’s. Just the games itself gives you sweaty hands.

forensic entomologist
Forensic Entomologist

Now this, you have certainly seen them in crime shows. Most of the time the Forensic entomologist in the shows always looks great and glorious with their jobs. The corps doesn’t necessarily be super nasty on screen but it must be much worse in real life. Forensic Entomologists need to study the invasion of the succession pattern of an arthropod with their development stages found on the cadavers. Which means, the specialist will find insects and study them for criminal matters. Doesn’t sound that glorious anymore, right? Imagine that’s their daily jobs, they are brave souls, but still a cool job too.


Not sure if there’s much people enjoy playing with the dead in the graveyard. It sure sounds spooky. But it is still an important job because it must be done whenever someone dies and chooses to be buried. This job is on demand because people die and at least each cemetery needs at least one gravedigger.


Another type of jobs that treats dead bodies. This is a unique profession. The professional needs a specific skill set. An Embalmer takes care of the deceased by washing and disinfect, replaces the bodily fluids and gases with preserving agents, washing and styling the hair and uses restorative processes and makeup to create a natural appearance.

These are only a few spooky jobs. Even though it doesn’t seem like a normal office job, these are still very important to our society. Have a spooky great day!