Fuze technology

Fuze Technology

Fuze Technology specializes in placing accomplished technology professionals for companies nationwide, many of which are Fortune 500 companies.

Fuze Supply Chain

Fuze Supply Chain

Fuze Supply Chain understands the critical path that the Supply Chain function plays in an organization’s success.

Fuze Industrial

Fuze Industrial

Today’s industrial workforce is very different than the industrial workforce that operated the “machines and belts” 20 years ago.

Fuze Skilled Trades

When we talk about skilled trades, we expect more from our recruiting. At Fuze RH – Skilled Trades division is no different because our recruiters are trained to recruit the best in the industry despite the shortage of manpower!

Fuze Finance and Accounting

Fuze Accounting & Finance

The role of Accounting and Finance professionals is shifting dramatically and will continue to shift for years to come.


Fuze Sales & Marketing

Fuze Sales & Marketing helps leaders formalize the selection criteria and increase their understanding of the candidate’s true abilities, which will lead to hiring top sales talent every time.

clerical and administration

Fuze Clerical & Administration

Find a uniquely qualified candidate or a temporary replacement. We act fast to deliver the precise administrative and clerical talent you need.




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