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Fuze HR has been a valuable asset to companies seeking diverse professionals. We have built long term relationships with our clients, because of our quality service. With decades of experience in the staffing industry, Fuze HR has both the expertise and the international resources to meet your search requirements. We believe that our expert knowledge of your industry is the best guarantee of success.

An Account Manager will discuss your job position needed to be filled. This person will be your Account Manager and will be your ONE point of contact to facilitate everything for you.
First and foremost we listen! As your business partner, we help you eliminate the risk of making the wrong hiring decision. We invest the time to understand your corporate culture, your approach and your requirements. We ask questions that go beyond a job description. By asking these in-depth questions; we get to know the hiring manager’s thought process and develop a strong relationship which is vital in placing the perfect candidate. Fuze HR believes that our expert knowledge of your industry is the best guarantee of success. Your Account Manager will work with Recruitment Consultants who are experienced experts within the industry and field you are recruiting for. The Recruitment Consultants have both field and recruiting experience within their respective industries. If our Recruitment Consultants don’t already have a candidate in our database, then they will begin a full recruit campaign to ensure a perfect job placement.

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Our candidates are sourced and selected with industry-specific demands and requirements. They are screened with behavioural and psychometric questioning techniques and tested to evaluate their skills. We have over 1000 validated assessments, from accounting through IT (Information Technology) to ensure candidates have the required technical skill-set. This allows us to deliver quality candidates that will fit in terms of their required skill-set, common corporate culture, industry relevant experience and personality as well. In addition, we are directly connected to the aforementioned industries which allow us to provide timely access to untouched passive candidates. When qualified candidates are presented, we forward the candidate’s resume, a detailed profile/assessment and all testing that has been completed. Once there is mutual interest by both parties, we coordinate interviews, and any further testing between your company and the qualified candidates. Upon completion of all interviews we will assist in closing the candidates against counteroffers, refused offers, do references, criminal, education and other background checks as requested at our expense. When all conditions are satisfied we will then extend formal job offers of employment on our client’s behalf to these chosen candidates.
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All of our divisions are led by specialized recruitment consultants
that have a wide network of contacts in their respective verticals.

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